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Interior construction design

Interior construction, as defined herein, includes all construction and installation of the inside of the Premises, except mobile furniture and furnishings. Unless the Landlord necessitates their removal, all readjustments, improvements, additions, and utility installations are made on the Premises.



Addition of a complete room or space

Any regular exercise on the job site included in the construction of a structure, sheathing, exterior finish, scaffoldings, fixture, fit of service installation, and the unloading of plant, machinery, materials, or the like is referred to as building construction.

Structures for which the “start of construction” began on or after the implementation date of the initial watershed management regulations are considered new construction, as are any later enhancements to such new structures.

Residential construction covers real estate and building on single and two dwellings occupied or utilized, or intended to be inhabited or used, largely for residential purposes. The term “original construction” refers to the first or original construction of new buildings or facilities. The word “original construction” refers to the addition of a complete room or space.

floor to just about any existing building, the completion of any unfinished portion of any established building or facility, and the restoration, reconstruction, or replacement of a building damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood, cyclone, lightning, explosion, or earthquake, but such term shall not include repairs, remodelling, restoration, renovation, or rebuilding under any other circumstances, except with regard to a residence. Interior construction activities that disturb existing dust or create new dust must be carried out in ventilation-controlled rooms to reduce the passage of particles in the air into patient areas. Partitions, doors, internal glass apertures, and fittings are examples of interior construction.


Luxury “Interior Design” Consultation


Luxury "Kitchen or Bathroom Refresh” Consultation


Luxury “Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation” Consultation

Step 3: After the Consultation, Our Team will Propose a Design Service that’s Best for You

Not all design projects are created equally. We believe that you have a choice when it comes to how you work with us. Click the option to learn more about that level of Design Service.


Luxury Full Service Design

Our most comprehensive service. Bundle pricing available with three or more spaces.

Luxury Floor Plan and Furnish

A complete Design Plan for your project. Bundle pricing available with three or more spaces.

Luxury Styling and Decor

Bring us in to style and “finish” spaces in your home for that warm, cozy and personal touch.

Ala Carte Services

Not all spaces need the whole shebang. We also offer design services broken down into smaller bits. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests you do not see listed below.

You must book a Discovery Call Before booking any Ala Carte Services.

*Ala Carte Services do not include any design consulting outside of the scope of the specified project. We can always book a follow up Consultation if you need more from us.


2 Hour Session of Interior Design Consulting


Half Day Design Consulting Session


SLB Signature, Romantic Transitional” Candle, 11oz

Mentoring and Coaching

Are you a driven Interior Designer or Entrepreneur looking for business advice from our Award-Winning CEO and Principal Interior Designer Sara Lynn Brennan?

If you’re ready to up level your business, find your ideal clients, pull together killer design packages, or if you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin, Sara can guide you to build the business of your dreams by sharing her processes, strategies and systems she used to build and grow her successful design firm.

Our Gift to You!

We love that you are interested in working with us! Thank you for taking the time to review our packages and follow us on this beautiful design journey we’re on!

Please accept this FREE copy of our beautiful E-Book, where Sara shares her 5 Essential Elements of her signature “Romantic Transitional” Style. You’ll get our insider scoop on the foundations of Transitional style, how she does it and how you can also do it in your own home.

We hope you enjoy Sara’s conversational style writing and “real” design advice as much as our client’s do!



We Look Forward to Transforming Your Space Into One of Our Beautiful “After” Photos!

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