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Director Message

Anuj Aneja Director of Disha4Designs and Disha Executor

Anuj Aneja is the implementation head of Disha Executors Pvt. Ltd. who brings the creative designs into the realty. He handles the logistic, materials and all financial matter of the company. Every novel and creative interior design ideas suggested by the interior designer Disha Aneja are implemented by him through various steps of implementation process.

Anuj Aneja

Managing Director

Disha Aneja Director of Disha4Designs and Disha Executor

Disha Aneja is an experienced and talented interior designer who has deep understanding of modern interior designer trends. She is known for her novel and creative interior design ideas for commercial, residential, corporate, spa salon etc. Disha Aneja is working with Anuj Aneja in Disha Executors Pvt. Ltd. during starting of the company.

Disha Aneja

Creative Director

Our experienced in-house team of designers are dedicated to providing insightful interior solutions for the commercial workplace. Their creative approach, balanced with an acute commercial awareness enables them to create functional working environments that enhance and promote your business’s objectives and its culture. We place high value on progressive working approaches, continually striving to bring innovative ideas into our designs, finding optimum working solutions for all our clients.

Designing Team

We have developed a project management approach that focuses on minimizing the effect of a relocation or refurbishment on day-today business practices, enabling your team to focus on their core business activities. Our project managers are involved throughout every project ensuring successful execution and delivery within the agreed time scale and budget. This guarantees that the project is delivered to meet, and often exceed your expectations.

As a company we strive for the very best, and we demand the same of all our staff. Each member has core skills and capabilities they bring to the Construction Process, and excel at the core objectives of any construction project – quickly understanding the vision for the project and the way the many unique parts come together to create a finished project – to the highest standard each and every time.

Project Management Team

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